Parents Page

What is Mathmoo.com?

Here at Mathmoo.com we have made it our mission to provide a safe online learning environment to teach kids math and other important skills in a way that's fun and exciting to them! Our site is filled with educational games and math lessons for kids to use and enjoy. You can go to the games or lessons tab to start using them for free!


What should I do?

Just show your kid(s) Mathmoo.com and let them start exploring and learning by themselves! If you want a more structured approach you can tell them to try these recommended games: Moo RPG, Math Bounce, Math Inequalties or have them look at the lessons tab for their grade.


Are all these games really related to math?

Mathmoo.com focuses on more than just math games; in fact we have games related to several different school subjects! A lot of our games are thinking and logic games which promote problem solving which we believe is even more important than just memorizing math facts. These are the skills which if you learn as a kid can help you become smarter and more successful later in life, which is really what we're all about!


This website is awesome, how can I help?

The best way to help us is to get the word out to as many teachers, schools, students, and parents as possible. Share and recommend this site to anyone who's interested in educational fun! You can also contact us at any time to give your input on the site (what you think should be improved, removed, or added)


How can I contact you?

We want to form a close relationship with teachers and schools using the site. Our email is wecare@mathmoo.com, please don't be afraid to contact us! If you see something on the site you think doesn't belong, want to give us a suggestion, need advice on how to use the site, or just want to give us a compliment, don't hesitate to send us an email!